Week 0: Introduction


  • Make sure to read the syllabus.
  • Sections 1.1-1.4 of Quantitative Social Science.
  • Read Chapter 2 of R Markdown: The Definitive Guide up to section 2.6 to get a feel for R Markdown files that we’ll use for problem sets. If you have never used markdown before, section 2.5 will be especially useful.


  • Before getting started with the course, please complete the guide on getting your software setup which will guide you through installing the relevant tools for the course.
  • Install the qsslearnr package that contains the tutorials, following these instructions.
  • Complete “QSS Tutorial 0: Introduction to R” and upload the PDF report you produce at the end of the tutorial to Gradescope (see link at the top of this page).

Problem Set 0

  • We now have a Problem Set 0 available to complete. It will not count toward your overall grade, but will give you practice at using R and RMarkdown and all of the tools we will use to complete assignments in this course.
  • Please read the Problem Set and Exam Instructions on how to access the problem sets and how to submit them to Gradescope.